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Personal liability insurance offers coverage and protection on your current and future assets. In the event that you'd find yourself dealing with a lawsuit due to your role in property damage or injury to another person, personal liability coverages help protect your assets. Personal insurance comes in a variety of different coverage types. 
Personal Umbrella Coverage- This coverage provides protection outside of what other coverages offer, such certain lawsuits, injuries, and more.
Health Insurance Coverage- Health insurance coverage pays for medical expenses that the insured individual faces. 
Life Insurance Coverages- Put simply, life insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurance company that, upon the insured's death, pays out a death benefit to the beneficiaries.
Disability Coverages- This form of coverage provides replacement for a portion of monthly income in the event that the insured become unable to work after an injury or illness. 
Long-Term Care Coverages- When an individual has chronic illness or condition, long-term care coverage helps to cover the costs of necessary care that the condition requires. 
Annuities Coverages- Annuities coverage provides an income lasting a lifetime, giving a fixed and dependable income. 

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