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Do you know which kind of coverage or policy you have? Elwell & Associates’ agents have been providing home insurance policies to individuals and families in Southern Illinois and surrounding areas for over two decades. Our plans offer customized options which fit the needs of each individual and family we cover. Our insurance professionals work with some of the best home insurance carriers in the country and are here to answer your questions. We protect all types of homes in all locales, and will always assess your individual situation and needs, to find the ideal policy for you!

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Carrying a home insurance policy offers many benefits to families and individuals. Your home is likely one of your biggest assets, so making sure that it is covered and is benefitting from the protection and peace of mind offered by home insurance is important. Here are some of the benefits that individuals can expect to see from a home insurance policy from Elwell & Associates.
There when you need it - Home insurance policies offer coverage on your home in the event that an event such a house fire or extreme weather causes damage to your home.
It Covers the Contents of Your Home - If your home is damaged or destroyed by an event that your policy covers, you are able to get reimbursed for the personal property inside your home such as appliances and more.
It Provides Liability Coverage for Others on Your Property - Accidents happen and sometimes friends or neighbors may get injured on your property. But, with home insurance, you have protection against lawsuits that could arise as a result of this type of event.


At Elwell & Associates we make the home insurance process one that’s easy to understand for our clients. We are home to a variety of different home insurance services to fit each of our client’s needs. We offer basic, broad, and special types of homeowners insurance. We also offer coverage for valuables such as antiques, jewelry, and other home valuables. Not only that, if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes and flood, no problem. We offer natural disaster home insurance coverage as well! Don't wait to find out what is covered! Check out our coverages and policies, get a quote, or contact an agent with your questions.

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