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Elwell & Associates has been providing quality health insurance policies to individuals and businesses small and large in Murphysboro and the surrounding areas for over two decades. Every person is unique, which is why we provide customized policies to fit the specific needs of each of our clients. Whether you have existing conditions or simply want emergency health protection, we have the expert help you need. Our licensed insurance professionals work with the most well-known and reputable insurance carriers in the country and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Interested? Get a quote from Elwell & Associates today!


Health insurance is a must-have for anyone looking to financially protect themselves and their family from unexpected health complications. Health insurance policies cover visits to the doctor, emergency health services, assist with obtaining medications, and are ideal for anyone with existing conditions, or who is in need of consistent medical care. Maintaining your health is important, but it can also be expensive. This is why Elwell wants to help you stay on top of your health with the best insurance policies at the best price. While we always hope there will never be any unforeseen health complications,  the peace of mind provided by health insurance through Elwell will give you a calming level of security. 
Keeping regular medical costs down - Regular checkups, prescription medications, and other costs associated with regular health maintenance can get very expensive. With the proper health insurance policy, a large portion of these expenses are covered.
Protection from emergency medical expenses - Paying for emergency services like an ER visit or an ambulance ride can cost a fortune out of pocket. With health insurance, these costs can be greatly reduced by using services in your health network.
Free preventative care - Depending on your health insurance policy, you can get access to preventative care such as vaccines, screenings, and check-ups for free!


Elwell & Associates offers all-inclusive health insurance policies that are customized to fit your needs, your conditions, and the needs of your family. Our well-informed staff would be happy to help find the perfect health insurance plan for you! You can choose from a wide range of health insurance options to ensure you are getting only what you need at the best rate! Our health insurance experts can help keep you informed and assist you in choosing the best provider and policy for you and your family. At Elwell, we understand health insurance is a necessity, which is why we make sure every client feels protected in satisfied every time they speak with us. Check out our coverages, or contact an agent to learn more today!

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