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Life insurance provides your chosen beneficiaries with money following your death, giving your loved ones access to money when they need it most. It provides support for your family or loved ones and is an important part of planning for the long-term financial needs of your family. Life insurance comes in a variety of different coverage types. 
Term Life Coverage- Term life insurance guarantees that a death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries of the insured if the insured dies during a specified term.
Whole Life Coverage- Whole life insurance guarantees the insured coverage for the entirety of their life as long the premiums are paid on time. 
Universal Life Coverage-  The is a lot like the whole life plan but with a few added bonuses. Like while, a universal policy also has a savings account feature, however here it also accrues interest. Also, not only can you borrow from this account, but you can skip payments without a penalty as long as the account has money in it.
Group Life Insurance Coverage-  This coverage offers coverage over an entire group of people and is typically carried by employers or labor organizations. 

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