Health Insurance Coverages

Major Medical Coverage
Short-Term Medical Coverage
Medicare Supplement Coverage
Dental Coverage
Vision Coverage 


Health insurance is an essential insurance coverage that helps to protect you or your family from unexpected health complications. Health expenses can be very costly. Whether you have an existing condition or have experienced an unexpected medical emergency, it is always a good idea to have a strong health insurance policy that shields you from all of those out-of-pocket costs. Health insurance comes in a variety of different coverages, each covering different important aspects of health.
Major Medical Coverage -  Major medical insurance covers the care for minor or severe illness, injury or hospitalization.
Short-Term Medical Coverage - Short-term medical insurance covers medical expenses similarly to a major medical policy. Short-term medical coverage is necessary when you're in a transition period between employers and would otherwise be without coverage. It is also available to those who want major medical coverage outside of the major medical open enrollment period. 
Medicare Supplement Coverage - A Medicare supplement policy supplements or fills-in the gaps in coverage left by your existing Medicare coverage. 
Dental Coverage - An investment in your smile is an investment in your wellness. Our dental plans prioritize preventative care and dentist access. which helps keep health care costs low.
Vision Coverage - Our vision plans offer vision care that gives enrollees access to a national network of both independent providers and leading optical retailers. You can shop and buy glasses, contacts and prescription sunglasses just like you would in the store - but from your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

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