Bonding Coverages from Elwell

Bid Bonds Coverage
Payment & Performance Bonds Coverage
Notary Public Bonds Coverage
Lost Title Bonds Coverage
Fidelity Bonds Coverage 


Bid Bond Coverage - Bid bonds protect you, by ensuring you will be compensated in the event that a contractor fails to complete a bid that was already agreed upon.
Payment & Performance Bonds Coverage - This form of bond coverage protects you from liability by guaranteeing that the party you are working with correctly fulfills all of their duties to pay all subcontractors, laborers, suppliers, etc. for a project.  It also guarantees you will be compensated if the project is not completed as promised. 
Notary Public Bonds Coverage - 
Lost Title Bonds Coverage - A form of coverage the protects the rightful owner of a vehicle in the event that the title of the vehicle is optained fruadulently. 
Fidelity Bonds Coverage - Coverage that protects your employee benfit plan from fraudualent or dishonest actions such as embezzlement, theft, forgery, missappropriation, and much more .


Elwell has access to the best insurance providers in the country, offering the strongest custom polices avaliable. Bonding coverage can protect you from all sorts of fraudulent, and unfair treatment at the hands of clients or contractors. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the insurance experts at Elwell & Associates today. Our friendly and experinced staff will happily answer your questions and help you customize the perfect plan for your lifestyle. Contact us today!

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